Recognition of Asian Packaging Professionals




– There are numerous industry personnel in the Asia- Pacific region who are practicing professionals in the field of packaging.

– Hence, the need for introduction of Recognition or of an award to an individual called Certified Asian Packaging Professionals (CAPP).

– Asian Packaging Federation (APF) is pleased to announce the launch of an education programme to address knowledge needs of practicing professionals.

Project Objective

• Recognize intellectuals / professionals in the field of packaging or other professionals who have rendered valuable service to the cause of packaging both in their respective countries and at regional / international level and to award professional membership to those who possess certain qualifications laid down under a given set of criteria by the APF Course Brief

• Course offered in English language

• Award or recognition in each of the category in packaging mentioned below to the professional will be based on successful completion of the following courses in each category:

• 1. CAPP ( Plastics in flexible packaging)

• 2. CAPP ( Plastics in rigid packaging)

• 3. CAPP ( Paper & paperboard)

• 4. CAPP ( Corrugated Board Packaging)

• 5. CAPP ( Metal Packaging)

• 6. CAPP ( Glass Packaging )

• 7. CAPP ( Ancillary Packaging)

• 8. CAPP ( Packaging systems & Machinery)

• 9. CAPP ( Bulk Packaging)

• 10. CAPP ( Logistics & Supply chain Management)


• Graduate in Science / Engineering / Applied Science / Agriculture / Pharmacy / Printing / Graphics / packaging / Law /Food Science or Technology or equivalent qualification with minimum 10 years’ experience in teaching subjects connected to the Packaging Industry.

• Or applicants with above qualifications who have served in an industry related to Manufacturing/Converting/ Quality Control /Research/Testing/ marketing in any one of the sectors connected to the packaging industry for over a period revolving around 10 years

• An applicant without above qualifications but has served in the industry either as an entrepreneur or an employee related to manufacturing / converting/ Testing & quality control/ Research / Marketing connected with packaging applications for minimum 10 years .

• However these are subject to the acceptance and approval of the Chairman and the hierarchy of approval body.

Admission & Fee Structure

• The fees for each course taken by a candidate are USD 200.

• A course material based on the subject selected will be made available to the candidate. • Registration is open throughout the year. Course Duration

• An on-line course has been designed to be a self-learning module.

• The candidate is expected to complete the course within 12 months of the date of registration.

• Those who cannot follow the on-line course may learn using a hard copy that could be purchased from the IIP through the APF member organizations in the respective countries Course Evaluation & Passing criteria

• Successful completion of course material would be evaluated by the candidate taking an on-line evaluation test.

• The test would be based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) format

• Two attempts during the year of enrolment is allowed, failing which candidate has to enroll once again with full payment of fees USD 200.

• Minimum 60 % is the passing criteria,

Recognition to Qualified Professionals

• Award of certificate in a frame

• Lapel pin

• Awardee would receive the honour either during Asia Star Awards Function or Regional Packaging Awards ceremony( To be decided by Executive Committee)

• Awardee to receive the honour in person by wearing a special scarf designed for the function. In absentia , certificates & lapel pin will be sent by post

• Names of successful candidates to be recorded in APF Register & displayed on

APF website.


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